Rolex Daytona Red

Rolex Daytona Red

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I am a huge fan of silver Rolex watches. You got to love its understated elegance and beauty! And one of my favorite silver color Rolex is the Daytona with the red seconds hand and the black and red sub-dials. I think that the thrilling red and black contrast over the calm silver dial is a very nice and interesting touch. It completely changes the looks of this classic watch.

If you are also an enthusiast of this gorgeous Rolex Daytona with silver dial and black and red small dials then I am pretty sure you need a reliable guideline for buying a good replica. Keep reading to see how you can turn a risky purchase into a satisfactory one just by paying attention at the details. Comparison is everything in this business and what better way to get an almost identical knockoff if not buy comparing every part of the original watch with the one of the fake?

Authentic White Daytona

I always take a good look at the dial. This is the more obvious part of the watch so it has to be very correctly imitated. The hour markers must be silvery with a very clean and simple look. And pay attention to the silver crown logo located at 12 o’clock. As you can see in the photo of the replica, the 5 peeks of the crown are too slim and the circular bottom hole is quite large. These 5 peeks should be fuller and the circular bottom hole should be smaller. Next, the minutes and hours hands should have a nice rounded top and not such a pointy one as the fake has. Usually replica manufacturers get the markings of the small tree dials right, but adding the correct outside and inside margins is a totally different thing. These should be very discrete, but the knockoff uses silver, thick circles which look very tacky and unaesthetic.

Rolex Daytona Imitation

Next, study the shine of the stainless steel. The original Rolex Daytona has a polished case and a bracelet with both brushed and polished links. These enhance its elegance. Unfortunately, replicas do not always clone this detail correctly. For example, in this photo we can clearly see that the imitation watch has an all brushed case and bad. There is no shine to the stainless steel and as a result of this; the whole knockoff looks dull and fake.

To make sure you end up buying a good quality Rolex Daytona replica watch, just follow the above example. It shows you all the important steps for making a correct and thorough comparison between the authentic watch and the fake one.

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