IWC Aquatimer Chronograph

IWC Aquatimer Chronograph

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The IWC Aquatimer Chronograph is truly a remarkable watch; this beautiful accessory doesn’t just stand out through its craftsmanship but also the technology behind it. It is water resistant to 12 bars and has a beautiful finish that will surely attract compliments.  The watch has beautiful features such as a bracelet quick change system, lovely luminescent elements on various parts of it and a mechanical chronograph movement.

genuine IWC timepiece

Due to the fact that this watch has been so popular over the years and has been such an amazing tool for both casual users and hardcore sports aficionados, it has become one of the biggest replicated watches. Here is a replica of this watch and the watch itself, both put out for comparison so that we can see whether it is actually worth to buy a replica of it.

The first difference that we notice between these two timepieces is the fact that the crown is a bit narrower on the replica watch even if the other buttons are the same size as the ones on the original.

Fake IWC Watch

The second difference that you will notice is on the bottom chronograph; this chronograph shows numbers 6 and 12 on the original watch, but on the replica watch the numbers shown are 12 and 24. The next problem that you will encounter on this replica is the fact that the left chronograph shows numbers 09 and 12 instead of numbers 60 and 30 like in the original watch. Also, the upper chronograph seems to have the same problem as what we mentioned before; it seems that the upper chronograph on the replica watch features the following numbers: 12 and 6. However, the chronograph on the original watch has numbers 30 and 15 written on it. Besides the problems with the crown shape and the numbers written on the chronographs there are no other differences between the replica IWC Aquatimer Chronograph and the original timepiece. The colors seem to be the same, the proportions are also right on the replica so it’s up to the buyer whether they believe this watch has good potential or not.

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