Cartier Santos Replica

Cartier Santos Replica

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The Cartier Santos 100 is the epitome of elegance and class, a watch that looks amazing with elegant attire and a high social status. This particular watch features a great design and also some elements that make it stand out among other watches of the same caliber. Such a distinguished watch can be considered quite unique and it’s no wonder why it has been replicated so many times to offer an affordable solutions for those who are fans of the design but don’t have the means to buy the original.

Genuine Cartier Santos 100

There are five differences between the replica watch and the original watch, and all are noticeable when the watches are put side by side. However, it is highly improbable that a decent replica watch could actually be spotted while being worn. This interesting replica but also the original watch feature quite a unique strap, a comfortable fabric strap that sets this model apart from other models in the Cartier series.

Cartier Santos 100 Replica

The first difference we can see on the replica watch has to do with the crown; it seems that the crown on the original watch has a golden tone while the one on the replica is completely black. However, it doesn’t interfere with the rest of the design. Also the crown has other elements around it that seem to be different on the replica watch when compared to the original. They are darker and smaller but that is not so noticeable, unless the watches are put side by side. On the face of the watch we can also see some differences; for example we can see the writing “Swiss Made” on the bottom of the watch and it is more buried in the bezel on the original watch while it can be read clearly on the replica watch. Another thing that will set the watches apart is the design on 7 o’clock. The marking is simply added on the original watch but on the replica watch it features the word Cartier written in its design. Speaking about the hour markings, it seems that the markings on the original watch are definitely more bulky than the ones on the replica watches.

These are all the differences that can be spotted on this replica watch but it’s up to you to consider whether this replica is a good buy or not and if the differences from the original are easy to spot

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