Big Bang Ayrton Senna Foundroyante Limited Edition

Big Bang Ayrton Senna Foundroyante Limited Edition

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This lovely Hublot Big Bang Ayrton Senna is a limited edition watch that has a unique touch to it. It comes with superb elements and manages to be one of the most exclusive and popular watches from Hublot despite the small number of watches produced. The watch has been created in association with the Senna Institute and is a celebration of this famous racing driver who died in an accident in 1994. However, he has been one of the best racing drivers out there and this is the reason why Hublot wanted to create a watch in his memory. The watch looks absolutely astonishing and has been created with an interesting concept in mind, having “invisible visibility”.

Genuine Big Bang Hublot

Another interesting detail of the watch is the fact that it has the signature of the champion on the dial, which adds a great touch to the whole design. This is definitely a watch every collector has dreamed of. It comes with a 44.5 mm case in brushed polished black ceramic with a matt black ceramic bezel that has the famous H shaped titanium screws. The dial also has black nickel applique indices and numerals and a titanium back with sapphire crystal.

It’s hard to refuse yourself such an amazing watch but the average person out there might have a problem actually getting to buy it. First, because of its price which isn’t a piece of cake for many and second, because it might not be available anymore due to the fact that it’s limited edition.

Replica Big Bang

Fortunately, there are replicas available out there and these replicas can look and feel just like the original watch. Here we have a replica put side by side with an original to see the differences between them.
Actually the whole design on the replica is a bit off as it has different numbers for the chronographs and also has a bigger design and different fonts for the numbering. The numbers for the minutes, right near the case are also smaller and bolder than the ones on the original. One particular difference is on the date which seems to be on white background with black writing on the replica but non-existent on the original. Also, the markings for each hours are yellow and slimmer on the replica but grey and stubbier on the original watch. The last difference is on the side buttons which are flatter on the replica when compared to the original watch.

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