YachtMaster II Imitation

YachtMaster II Imitation

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The Rolex YachtMaster is one of the most important collections from Rolex brand and definitely one of the most important from their pieces as it is probably one of the most popular watches they have. Here we can see a beautiful stainless steel version with a white dial.

Genuine Yachtmaster II Watch

There are four errors between the original rand and the replica watch of Rolex YachtMaster II. The first noticeable error is the shape of the lower push button on the right part of the watch. There seems to be a difference between the one on the replica watch and the one on the genuine brand, as the genuine brand pushbutton looks to be more bulky. The second difference is given by the chronograph on the lower part of the watch.

Replica Yachtmaster Errors

The markings on the replica watch chronograph are different than the ones on the original brand. The chronograph on the replica watch has the numbers 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, and so on until 29 and 31, while on the original brand watch the count starts from 10 and continues by adding ten until reaching 60.  The third difference seems to be noticeable on the outer rim of the watch, on the tachymeter, where it is written YachtMaster II; the whole design is different for the replica watch as it seems to use another font, a white font, but also different font letters.  The forth difference is the outer rim around the bezel, that looks like a rotating wheel and has a very intricate design. The design seems to be a lot more complicated on the original watch brand than on Rolex knockoff watch, as the indents on the replica watch seem to be more pronounced than the ones on the original brand watch.

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