Ferrari Scuderia Rattrapante

Ferrari Scuderia Rattrapante

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This lovely timepiece called the Ferrari Scuderia Rattrapante from Panerai si definitely one of those perfect high end watches. The beautiful lines that look modern, combined with great technology, not just make this accessory a beautiful one, but also make it a reliable tool for any man who wants to be on time in the sophisticated way. This is why this is one of the most popular Panerai models and the reasons many watch aficionados are raving about it. However, you can only buy this watch if you are ready to spend a big amount of money because being a high product, it does cost a lot.

Panerai Ferrari Scuderia Rattrapante

Fortunately, for those of us who don’t have their money affairs in a positive light, there is another good option, buying a replica. But there are many replicas out there that might seem bad for some, which makes checking out for flaws before buying a watch an important part of this process. And this is what we wanted when we put these next watches side by side for comparison.

Fake Panerai Ferrari Scuderia Rattrapante

There are four differences between the watches and the first one is the right chronograph; the problem with the chronograph that can be found on the replica watch is the fact that it seems to have a different number on the top of it. The original watch chronograph has number 30 while the replica apparently has number 31. The next difference is the lower chronograph, where we find a different sequence of numbers on the dial; the replica watch has numbers 6, 12, 18 and 24 while the original watch has numbers 3, 6, 9 and 12. Also, the chronographs all need to make a design on the dial, but the replica watch has them a big more tightened in the middle, creating a gap between them and the markings on the watch. Also, the last difference between the watches is barely noticeable if you don’t pay close attention, but it’s there. You will find that on the left of the original watch there is a small button, but that button cannot be found on the replica watch.

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