Big Bang Cappuccino

Big Bang Cappuccino

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A truly exquisite watch, the Big Bang Cappuccino has been a success and with its interesting approach in design, Hublot managed to make this particular model a well sought product.  The Cappuccino Hublot Big Bang comes with a nice color palette combining beautiful brown, beige and gold shades that come together in perfection.

Authentic 301.CB.1001.RX Big Bang Cappuccino

A real treat for the eye, the case has a polished and satin finished look and it’s made out of 18k red gold complementing the rest of the design beautifully. The bezel comes to complete the case as it is made with 18k red gold and its vertical satin finished with 6 h-shaped titanium screws. You will love the way the bezel lugs come in a chocolate color to blend with the overall design and the satin finished gold plated applies with the carbon effect dial are elements that give a magnificent look to the Hublot Big Bang Cappuccino gold. Before falling in love with this watch you should be aware that it costs a fortune and spending a few salaries on one accessory might not appeal to many people out there. This is why comparisons between the original watches and their replicas are useful as people might choose the latter when they want a high end watch without paying an outrageous sum that is usually asked for these sort of watches.

Fake 301.CB.1001.RX Big Bang Cappuccino done

There are three differences between these two watches. The first difference that we can see is on the case of the watch where there seems to be a different shade to the metal. The bezel lug on the original watch has a darker color made with composite resin while the one on the replica watch comes with a lighter shade. Also the color of the crown is lighter on the original watch while the replica watch seems to have a crown with a darker shade.

Another difference between the replica and the original watch is on the strap as we can clearly see that the pattern on the Hublot imitation watch is more protruding than the one on the original and thus stands out more in the watch design.

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