Tag Heuer Monaco Calibre 12 LS

Tag Heuer Monaco Calibre 12 LS

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The TAG Heuer Monaco caliber is a watch meant for those who want to celebrate class with an elegant watch. It has a simple design that works well with most outfits so that makes it a perfect watch for gentlemen who wish to have something they could wear all day.

Genuine Monaco Calibre 12 LS
Here we have two Monaco Calibre 12 LS, one that is replica and the other an original, put side by side so that we can see the differences between them. It seems that there are five differences between the watches.

Monaco Calibre 12 LS Replica

The first main difference that we can notice when taking a look at these beautiful watches is the writing on the top left side of the watch. On the original watch it says “Automatic Chronograph” while on the replica watch you can only see the writing “Chronograph”. The next difference is on the left chronograph that seems to have different numbers than the one on the original watch. The same happens with the chronograph on the bottom that features numbers 10, 15, 20, and so on instead of 01, 02, 03 and so on like on the original watch. You will also notice that there is a number on the right part of the watch, at 3 o clock. On the original watch the numbers are 00, 15 and 30 while the replica watch has numbers 00, 06 and 12. Another difference and the last difference between these two watches is under the numbers we mentioned previously, found at 3 o’clock. This time there is another set of numbers that are 30, 45 and 60 while on the replica watch we have numbers 12, 18 and 24. However, this last difference may not be that noticeable as few would actually read those numbers when taking a look at a watch.

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