Tag Heuer Grand Carrera RS2 Replica

The beautiful TAG Heuer Grand Carrera RS2 is definitely a watch that has a big fan base and it’s no wonder why: it has a lovely sleek feel to it and comes with a lovely black/red/silver design with a minimalistic touch. The watch is inspired from motor racing so it’s a perfect way to celebrate your style if you are into that. Also, it has been inspired by GT race car engine design and takes a different approach when it comes to the lines and style of contemporary watches. The watch also features a beautiful leather stripe that is elegant and easy to wear, but also has a nice finish and a comfortable feeling to it.

Genuine Watch

Genuine Watch

The first noticeable difference between the replica and the original TAG Heuer Grand Carrera RS2 is the fact that the tachymeter is different. The one on the replica watch has the same colors and design but it comes with different numbers; also the replica watch features red numbers for 80 and 120, a feature that cannot be found on the original watch. But this is not a noticeable difference if we don’t put the watches side by side. The next noticeable difference is definitely the chronograph, as the one on the replica watch comes with different numbers. Again, this difference is hardly noticeable unless you have both watches side by side. It could be observed by a watch connoisseur. Another difference that we see is on the face of the watch and it has to do with the writing in the middle. The replica watch only has “Officially certified Chronograph” written on it, without the word “Automatic”. When it comes to the color tones, there are some small differences too. For example, on the hour markings, the replica watch has smaller and more transparent markings, while the ones on the original watch are opaque white. Another difference is that underneath every hour marking, the original watch has a small red marking,; this feature is not present on the replica watch and could be noticed by a person who knows really well how the original TAG Heuer Grand Carrera looks.

Fake Grand Carrera RS2

When it comes to the stripe, both watches are extremely similar; the same happens to the elements on the crown and other buttons, but also the elements that can be found on the face of the watch, they look exactly like the ones we see on the original watch.

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