Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph Volcano

Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph Volcano

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The Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph Vulcano is a watch definitely meant for those who like something that stands out a bit more. With its bright orange design, there’s no wonder why some would consider this watch remarkable in terms of style. However, the interesting design also makes this watch a bit harder to replica but some have tried and now we get to see how this watch is different from a replica watch. We have put two models side by side, a replica model and an original model to see exactly what the differences are between them.

Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph Volcano

There are in total four differences between these watches and the first thing that strikes us is the fact that the watches are different when it comes to the hands. It seems that the manufacturers of the replica watch decided to use white hands for minutes, seconds and hours; however, the original watch features orange hands that go well with the whole design. But some might like the design on the replica and might even consider that the watch is easier to read this way because of the contrast between the two colors.

Fake Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph Volcano

The next difference between the watches is on the upper chronograph that seems to have different numbers than the one on the replica watch; the replica chronograph shows numbers 10, 20, 30 while the original chronograph shows numbers 15, 30, 45, 60. The same happens to the chronograph on the left that shows 15, 30, 45, 60 on the replica watch and 10, 20, 30 on the replica. Also, you will notice that the chronographs seem to be in depth on the original watch, while the replica watch doesn’t have the same design for them, which makes the background design on the face of the watch look the same for the Royal Oak replica watch.

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