Rolex GMT II Black

Rolex GMT II Black

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It’s pretty hard not loving Rolex. The company has a very long history of creating the most iconic horological masterpieces in the world. Not everyone knows this, but Rolex is acknowledged as the company who has designed the first water-resistant watch, the first timepiece with an automatically changing date and the first two time zones watch- the GMT Master. Today I want to take a closer look at the Rolex GMT Master II and remember why it represents such an exceptional timeless design, adored by so many watch enthusiasts around the globe.

Genuine Rolex GMT II Two Tone Black

The design of the watch is pretty modern and edgy, even though it keeps the main characteristics of a Submariner model. But unlike the Submariner, the GMT Master II has the ability of showing two different time zones just by having an additional hand. It is such a useful watch for those who are traveling often and need to know the time both for the country they are visiting and for their home. As any other Rolex watch, the GMT Master II is very expensive and its price is out of reach for most watch fans. Those who desire owning this beautiful timepiece have an alternative available- buying a replica watch.

If you want to be sure you get your hands on a very good Rolex GMT Master II fake then pay attention to the below guide. It will show you how to make a right distinction between a poor quality replica and a really good one.

Fake Rolex GMT II Two Tone Black Dial

From the first moment you look at the pictures of this Rolex GMT Master II replica you notice that something is off. The dial is the main problem here. The original watch has the minutes indexes and the writings colored in white. The problem with our replica is that the text on the dial is all gold. Even the “GMT MASTER II” text that should be green is replicated in gold color on the knockoff. This is a very easy to notice difference, a mistake that will make everyone understand that you are wearing a fake.

The hour markers of the fake Rolex GMT Master II appear to be in the correct size and shape. Also, these are made from the iconic white luminescent material that is also present on the silvery hands. This type of coating improves night legibility. Regarding the hands, the second time zone hand should be green with a gold and white arrow at the top. Incorrectly, the replica watch has a gold and white arrow at the top of this hand. This is another huge design mistake.

Around the inside of the bezel the fake watch has the “ROLEX” word etched very nicely. This is an authenticity marking present on the real watch as well. The Cyclops lens appears to have a smaller magnification than the original watch. I think it uses 1.5X instead of 2.5X.

The Rolex GMT Master II is one of the few Rolex models that do not have the white dot over the gold triangle at the 12 o’clock position of the bezel. The replica watch imitates this detail very nicely. The bezel looks very elegant and authentic and just as the original product, it has only a simple gold triangle at the top.

The Rolex GMT Master II should have an all brushed silver case and the two tone band should have the gold parts polished and the silver one brushed. This is also how the knock off is finished at the outside, enhancing its similarity with the real watch.

Before submitting an order for a Rolex GMT Master II replica watch online make sure you follow the above guidelines. These will turn out to be essential in assessing the degree of authenticity of any fake watch you wish to purchase.

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