Rolex Deepsea

Rolex Deepsea

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Rolex DeepSea is known as the best diving watch in the world. Its story started as a challenge. Rolex wanted to design a watch that could submerge in the deepest points of the ocean and still tell perfect time. This is surely not a very easy thing to do as pressure that high applies a very large force to any object, especially to something as fragile as an automatic mechanism watch with a crystal over its dial. What started out as an experiment was turned by Rolex into a legend. In 1960 captain Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard succeeded in diving to a shocking depth of 10,916 meters. The Rolex Deep Sea Challenge was placed at the exterior of Batchyscaphe Trieste and it completed its mission beautifully. The watch returned unharmed and it is now a symbol of extreme excellence.

Authentic Rolex Deepsea

Over the years, the fame and glory of the Rolex Deepsea spread and soon replica manufacturers started cloning it. Their efforts made it possible for us to find very authentic looking fake Rolex Deep Sea models online, watches that were available for purchase at very affordable prices. Still, the quality varies from store to store and we must be very careful when choosing what replica to buy. To make sure you purchase a superior quality replica that is identical to the original watch, simply follow the below guidelines.

Imitation Deepsea Rolex Submariner

These pictures will show us what the most obvious differences are. Please observe that the Rolex Deep Sea does not have a magnifying lens over the date. It has a plain sapphire crystal and the date window is in its natural size. Still, it is quite easy to read. Around the inside of the dial we read the words “ORIGINAL GAS ESCAPE VALVE” at the top and “RING LOCK SYSTEM” at the bottom. The hour markers are oversized, just like on a genuine Rolex DeepSea watch. These markers are covered with white luminescent coating to improve under water legibility. The same thing goes for the silvery hands, these are also covered with luminescent material. The dial has the following writings: “ROLEX  Oyster Perpetual Date DEEPSEA” at the top and “SEA-DWELLER 1280 ft=3900 m SUPERLATIVE CHRONOMETER OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED” at the bottom. These are in the correct font and do not have any spelling errors.

I like the fact that the bezel has the correct indexes which have been nicely etched on its surface. Furthermore, the knckoff bezel imitates the right shine and the unique silver triangle with white dot from the 12 o’clockposition. The stainless steel is completely brushed just as the original Rolex DeepSea is on the case, winding crown and bracelet.

By comparing these two watches, I wasn’t able to find any noticeable differences. This Rolex DeepSea replica watch is indeed a very accurate knockoff. I am pretty sure it could fool almost anyone with its authentic look.

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