Red Hands Daytona

Red Hands Daytona

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The chronograph Daytona from Rolex has been created to celebrate fine watchmaking and as a way to make a watch that was created especially for professional car drivers and their fans. It allows drivers to measure the circuit they just elapse and calculate the distance and speed, so it can be extremely useful. Here we see the watch in a beautiful stainless steel version with red hands.

Genuine Rolex Daytona

This watch comes with 6 differences when compared to the original watch created by Rolex. The first difference that we noticed is the rim around the face of the watch. This rim is red for the replica watch while being white for the original brand watch. The numbers that show the hours seem to be also made with a different font in the replica watch, or appear a lot bulkier. Another interesting difference is the way the numbers are designed for each hour, but also the way that the hours seem to be complete inside the design in the replica watch, while in the original watch, the elements such as chronographs are placed on the hours’ number design. Another difference is given by the markings on the chronographs that seem to be different in the replica watch compared to the original brand; the replica watch chronographs have red gradations while the chronographs on the original brand keep the gradations white.

Daytona Replica Watch Errors

There seem to be different hands for hour, minutes and seconds on the replica watch too, as the hands are more elongated and the first two are completely made with white while the last is completely red. On the original watch the first hands, the hours and the minutes hands, are half white while the seconds hand is grey. Also, on the original watch, there seem to be red gradations in the rim that surrounds the face of the watch, which cannot be seen in the replica watch.

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