Ok-replicawatch.com Review

Ok-replicawatch.com Review

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What are the signs that help you recognize an OK replica website? You got to read between the lines and see the smallest flaws even in the most perfect pictures of your dream watch. Things like product quality and company’s honesty can be verified through the means of guaranty policy, customer service and product photos. Pay attention to all these and you will be able to draw a clear line between the websites that are OK and the ones that aren’t.


ok-replicawatch.com has a very inclusive menu featuring the most well-known brand names like Rolex and Tag Heuer. Browsing the collection will turn out to be pretty difficult as the list of available brands seems to be endless. Each category also includes numerous models which will be a delight to view especially if you know a little thing or two about luxury timepieces. You will find pretty much the most iconic watches ever made.

The descriptions of these watches are very well constructed. In a very brief manner it presents all the important information you need to consider before buying a replica. The type of materials used for manufacturing these products, the markings and engravings, as well as the sizes of each item they sell. This information serves as a first clue about the quality of these knock-offs.

The company offers a 14 days refund policy and a 180 days warranty. Knowing that the merchant will stand behind its products in the event that something will go wrong with your order is very reassuring. I always say that offering a guaranty for the merchandise is what separates the best replica sellers on the market from the rest.


There is nothing ok about the appearance of this website. The layout is too simple, tacky and childish. Honestly, anyone could scrap up this kind of design in a couple of hours and call it a reputable online store. But an online store needs to try harder than that in order to convince people that it’s a solid and reputable company and that when you trust it with your money you will definitely receive what you were promised.

The website claims to accept the following payment methods Visa, Matercard and Western Union. The truth is: Mastercard is not accepted. This payment option is mentioned at every step in the ordering process, including in the order form.  Still, after you choose credit card as payment method and continue to the secure page where you are supposed to enter the card details, you are simply informed that Visa is the only card type accepted. Too bad for those Mastercard holders that already have the card ready and can’t wait to punch in their card number and submit the order. I guess that for them this disappointment could mean the abandon of all their plans of purchasing a replica from the site. If this would happen to me I wouldn’t continue with the order.

You basically have two shipping options:  free shipping and EMS Express. While the first one takes about 2-5 weeks, the second one takes about a week. Honestly, would you prefer to wait for your order for almost 5 weeks just because it’s free? I know I wouldn’t. Five weeks may seem like a life time when you have paid an overseas based company and you are waiting to see if they honor their word and deliver the products. Better to be safe than sorry.


The photos have a very distinctive style and would suggest that these were taken by a professional photographer representing the actual stock of ok-replicawatch.com. The resolution of the pictures is very impressing and you can notice every small detail of these watches. You will very easily notice every small marking, every shade of the dial or every reflection of the perfectly polished stainless steel. The downside is that some models have only the main photo. There are no additional photos of it.

Domain registered: CHINA

Customer Service:

Ok-replicawatch.com offers customer service by email and through a contact form.  These are ones of the communication options with the slowest response rate. Customer support by phone or live chat is not available. This only shows that the company doesn’t invest in communicating with its customers and that offering a prompt response is not considered a priority. The absence of a more effective contact way may be an actual problem if you receive a low quality product.

Summary: I must say that Ok-replicawatch.com is a pretty OK company. It seems to be quite legit and offer good quality replica watches. Its strong sides are the accurate product photos and the detailed descriptions, as well as the free shipping option. What they should improve is their customer services and the available payment methods, but the overall impression is that of a reliable source of replica watches.

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