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There are good websites for selling watches and then there are bad websites. This, however, is neither. This replica watch website is absolutely disastrous. It is hard to put into words just how bad this site is but let’s give it a try.

The color scheme to start is just appalling; it looks like they are trying to sell olive oil through a website designed in 1993. The About Us tab is poorly written and has a vast array of grammatical errors that make it more humorous than informative to read. Who would imagine that starting a sentence with capital letters is still something people don’t know? When grammatical errors aren’t the main problem, it’s the way the sentences are constructed, just a random list of words that aren’t tied one to the other and seem to say something to the effect of how fantastic their service is and how their watches are breathtakingly good. Of course they are.

The watch listing is also bad. The pictures are stolen from other replica watch websites so you don’t really know what you’re buying. That’s in case the watch actually has a picture, for example the whole Patek Philippe list has the same picture. It has the same picture for about 30 watches.

The list of watches is just insane. There seems to be a category for every watch, regardless if it is from the same brand. They have no description so you don’t know what size, material, and colors they are.

The whole website is a disaster, but the FAQ section is probably the worst part. The whole idea behind a FAQ section is ease the way a someone, a potential client maybe, checks out your site, and answer some of his immediate questions without him needing to send you an email or anything of the sort. No, not with this website; they just have a huge block of text that answers no real questions, and offers no guidance.

They also have a sign-up feature to apparently ease ordering, however we wouldn’t trust our personal data with a website like this.

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