IWC Da Vinci Automatic

IWC Da Vinci Automatic

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The IWC Da Vinci Automatic watch is a really special watch that has an attractive design and amazing details. The watch has a great style and it’s perfect for those that want something that looks good both on casual attire and on more elegant outfits. The great thing about this watch is that it celebrates the great Leonardo Da Vinci through its outstanding design.  It has gained a lot of popularity which makes it the perfect candidate for a replica watch; however, not all replicas are great so it’s up to us to see the big differences between them.

Da Vinci Automatic

Here we have two beautiful Da Vinci models, one is a replica watch and the other is an original Da Vinci; they have been put side by side so that we can easily see the differences.

Fake IWC Da Vinci Automatic

The first difference between these two wonderful watches can be seen when we first look at the dial; on the left part, at 3 o’clock we can easily see the date. However, there seems to be a difference between the date on the original watch and the date on the replica watch. On the original watch we have a rather big date in a rectangle window; but on the replica watch the date is significantly smaller. The second difference between the replica watch and the original one is at the bottom, next to the 6 o’clock. There we see a small piece of writing on the original watch saying: Da Vinci Automatic. However, on the replica watch, although the writing can be also found and it’s placed where it’s supposed to, it says: Da Vinci Quartz, probably because the replica watch uses a quartz mechanism and they wanted to be honest about it. But that difference is barely noticeable and it would probably require the two watches being put side by side so that they are inspected closely.

The last difference between the watches is the actual design of the bezel; on the replica watch we don’t see the protrusions as much as we can see them on the original watch, making it appear to have a thinner style.

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