IWC Big Pilot Power Reserve

IWC Big Pilot Power Reserve

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The IWC Big Pilot Power reserve is a very reliable watch meant for a man who works in a hard environment or a man who greatly depends on their watch. Here we have two watches, one a replica and the other an original IWC that have been put next to each other for comparison. After close inspection we can see that there are four differences between the two watches, but nothing is very serious as the replica watch still looks like the original brand very much.

Genuine IWC Big Pilot

Genuine IWC Big Pilot

Fake IWC Pilot Working Power Reserve

The first difference we notice is the missing button on the left of the watch. The original watch seems to have a button on the upper left part while the replica doesn’t. However, overall, both watches look the same and the missing part is not that noticeable. The following differences have to do with the chronographs on the watch. Starting with the first chronograph on the top we see that there are the following numbers: 4, 8, 12; however, on the chronograph that can be found on the original watch the numbers you see are: 10, 20, 30. Another problem is with the next chronograph where you can easily read  the numbers 14, 16  while on the original watch chronograph the numbers on this particular chronograph are 20, 40. But fortunately on this chronograph the fact that a number is missing and the brand is written instead is respected, so that will probably be the element that makes the replica watch more realistic. However, the third chronograph has a problem too with its numbers. The chronograph on the original IWC watch has the following set of numbers: 3, 6, 9, 12; however, IWC replica watch doesn’t respect this sequence and seems to have its own numbers:  6, 12, 18, 24, making this the last difference between these two watches.

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  1. While the watch looked pretty much the same as the original, except for the 2 numeral on the dial it just didn’t have a good feel about it. The metal it was made from was nowhere near the quality of the original IWC. Of course, being a replica you would expect certain materials to not be of the quality of the much more expensive original, however, the metal in this case seemed to take away from the feel of the watch. The slightly offset dial can also be a dead giveaway that this watch is a replica, particularly due to the off-font and numerals.

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