Hublot Big Bang Luna Rossa

Hublot Big Bang Luna Rossa

The beautiful limited edition Hublot Big Bang Luna Rossa is definitely a great accessory to wear and an amazing sight to those who love high end watches. The watch comes with a 44 mm ceramic dial with Kevlar inserts and only has 1000 pieces available. So if you want to wear this superb watch you will probably need to hurry.

Authentic 301.CM.131.RX Big Bang Luna Rossa

This special edition watch is unfortunately only for those who can afford it. Made with black carbon fiber dial with luminescent hands and applied hour markers but also with a ceramic bezel the watch might seem simple but it’s far from it. Its design allows the wearer to opt for all kinds of styles while wearing the accessory and makes for a perfect gift to younger men looking for something that is a bit more unconventional.

The rugged design of the watch will make it appeal mostly to men who appreciate rough and more rectangular design. The metallic finish is another detail that shows this watch is made particularly for men who appreciate Spartan design: simplicity with minimal lines, few materials and an eye for detail resulting in a complex watch that manages to stand out.

Fake 301.CM.131.RX Big Bang Luna Rossa done

However such an amazing watch is only a dream for most people since its price can mean a fortune for the average person.  This is why there are many replica watches out there but one must watch out for a lot of them since they can have a lot of elements different from the original. Here we have put two watches side by side for comparison. The differences between the replica and the original are clear: we can easily see that the markings on the left and bottom chronograph are white on the replica and a combination of red and white on the original watch. Another color difference is on the crown which is silver on the original watch but black on the replica. The same difference is on the buttons on the side which are also darker on the replica.  When it comes to contrasts the watch date is black with white background on the replica while the exact opposite on the original. Also the screws on the case are making a stronger contrast on the replica than on the original watch.

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