Golden Rolex Daytona

Golden Rolex Daytona

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Sometimes, finding a good quality replica can be extremely difficult and challenging.  There are countless replica stores out there and each one offers a very large selection of replica watches, but from store to store the quality varies greatly. If only there would be a way to identify the reputable companies and more important: the high quality fake watches. Luckily for us, there is a way to protect our money from bad investments. If we first research the market, understand the particularities and important functions of the designer watch we love, and we make a thorough comparison between the original model and the replica we are considering buying then we have a high chance of purchasing an exact replica of superior quality.

genuine daytona for comparison

For instance, this Rolex Daytona with gold dial and two tone case and band can be quite tricky for replica manufacturers to correctly clone it. If you take a moment to examine the watch closely you will soon understand why. It has that beautiful champagne dial with matte surface that reflects the light so elegantly. Most replica watches fail in reproducing the exact same tone of champagne gold and its flawless texture. Usually on fakes, this type of dial will be either too shinny or too dull. It is very hard to get it right. The small three counters of this champagne dial Rolex Daytona are in the same color as the dial, but have a circular outlined surface. Also, on the outer margin each sub-dial has a slim polished ring and at the inside it has a black one. The markers are black and these display at the 3 o’clock counter: 10, 20 and 30 minutes, at 6 o’clock 20, 40 and 60 seconds and at 9 o’clock 3, 6, 9 and 12 hours. Most replicas will show the correct markers for these three dials, but will not have the inner black ring which separates the gradations from the plain center.

Daytona Knockoff

If you are considering buying this model then you should also pay attention to the hour markers. These should be identical to the original watch in all aspects. As you can see in the photos of the replica, one has diamonds markers just like the real watch while the other has luminescent dots. Also, the size is very important. The diamond markers should almost fit the space between the larger seconds indexes. They seem more spaced apart from the upper index.

You should also check the shine of the band. The bracelet is two tone. The silver surfaces are brushed while the gold ones are polished.

So you see when you’re informed and ready to invest your time and effort into comparing the replica watch with the genuine one, you are already on the right track of finding a very good quality replica watch that has a very authentic look, one that could fool even a trained eye.

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