Ferrari Granturismo GMT

Ferrari Granturismo GMT

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The Ferrari Granturismo GMT is definitely a perfect watch for the car enthusiast, but at the same time it can be worn by someone who simply wants to wear something casual and easy to combine with various outfits. This beautiful timepiece however, may only be available for those who are able to afford it because it can get pretty expensive. With the great technology behind it and its amazing look it’s obvious why anyone would want to wear such a beautiful piece. This is why many people are always looking for replicas of it, they are more affordable and they practically look and feel the same, so there’s nothing lost if they don’t get the original. Of course, the original is more prestigious, but a good replica can pass as a good high quality watch that is meant for those with a social high status.

Ferrari Granturismo GMT

Here there are two watches that have been put side by side so that you could check out the differences between them as one is a replica and the other is an original watch. But this time we only have one difference between the watches, which makes this replica a pretty good one and very similar with the original watch. Even the leather strap looks and seems to feel the same as the comfortable leather strap on the original.

Fake Panerai Ferrari Granturismo GMT

Also, the colors on the dial and the outer bezel are just like the ones on the original so this watch manages to mimic the shades perfectly even if, perhaps, it doesn’t uses the same materials. However, the one element that sets these two watches apart can be found on the upper part of the dial, next to 12 o’clock. There we can see the Ferrari logo on both watches but the difference between them is the fact that it doesn’t have similar design. On the imitation watch we can see a logo that is barely sketched, and the inside of it is not filled with color, while on the original watch the logo is definitely bolder and stands out a lot with its complete color and brighter shade.

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