Fake Cartier Pasha Chronograph

Fake Cartier Pasha Chronograph

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The Cartier Pasha Chronograph in 42 mm is a good buy for men who have larger wrists and want something that will easily stand out. The watch comes with a lot of history behind it and it has been available for many years and each time Cartier recreates the collection it adds something more to it. The watch is a great way to keep a modern touch to your accessory but have that elegant look vintage watches used to have. Because it is also a jewelry company, Cartier manages to create beautiful watches and some of the models manage to stand out more in terms of design than other models from rival high end companies. This is why this brand’s watches are often replicated and people always look for a way to wear one even if they cannot afford to pay the price for an original accessory.

42mm Chronograph Pasha

Here we have the replica Cartier Pasha Chronograph in 42mm and its replica so that we can clearly see the differences between them. There are three main differences between these two watches, but it’s nothing extremely noticeable. The first noticeable difference is on the crown; the crown on both watches features a beautiful blue jewel but it seems that the design on the replica is a bit different as the jewel is less pointy than the jewel on the original watch, which is quite flat.

Fake Cartier Pasha 42mm chrono copy

Another difference is the small writing on the bottom of the dial, the writing that says “Swiss Made” on the original watch. However, the replica doesn’t feature that writing, but it is so small people wouldn’t probably notice it and just a watch connoisseur would realize that it is a replica. Another difference can be seen on the chronographs and it’s nothing related to the numbers printed on them, but something about the overall look they have. It seems that the chronographs on the original watch stand out more because they are engraved in the face of the watch, rather than just painted like on the replica watch.

Whether you decide or not to buy this Cartier replica watch, you should remember that Cartier is a very hard brand to replicate as it has a lot of interesting shades and colors to it that many manufacturers don’t really manage to get right. However, this watch seems to be ok in terms of colors and the way it looks at first glance and it could easily pass as an original.

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