Fake Calibre de Cartier Review

Cartier Calibre de Cartier is one of the first wristwatches for men, a wristwatch that was designed in the 1900s. This definitely means that the watch has a lot of fans, making it one of the most well-known watches in the world. It has been obviously changed and improved since it first appeared but it still manages to capture the beautiful essence of what it was Cartier during its first years.  This watch has been worn by celebrities and people with a certain social status so it is obvious why so many people want to wear it. However, the watch can be quite expensive and that means there are often many replicas of Cartier watches.

Genuine Watch

Genuine Watch

What makes the watch Calibre so unique is the fact that it also comes with the exceptional design, a design that can sometimes be very hard to replicate. Here we have an original Cartier Calibre de Cartier watch with its replica side by side and we can easily see the differences between them. This replica watch manages to capture the original watch’s beauty in its design really well, especially because it seems that it has good color shades. However, there are still some differences between these watches.

fake calibre de cartier copy

The first noticeable difference is on the minute markings on the edge; the watch features a design with small rectangles and for each quarter marking the rectangle is more noticeable than the others. So for 15, 30, 45 and 0 markings we have bold rectangles on the original, but on the replica watch all are the same and none of the markings stand out. The same happens with the markings for hours 4 and 8, the design on the replica is less noticeable than the one on the original watch.  Another difference that is quite noticeable is the design underneath the hour markings, which doesn’t exist on the replica watch, making it simpler. When it comes to the chronograph, it fortunately has the same numbers on the replica watch but the frame is darker.

At 12 o’clock marking you will notice another difference, as it seems that the marking on the replica watch tends to stand out more than the one on the original. Also, the crown on the replica watch seems to have a sort of jewel on it while the one on the original watch is simple. The watch is a well-made replica and even if it has a lot of differences they are quite unnoticeable and some could even be considered improvements.

Here you can find more information about authentic Cartier watch.

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