Really Bad Tag Heuer Carerra Copy

I am very upset! This TAG Heuer Carerra replica watch I bought was absolutely disappointing and here’s why: it was definitely not what I was expecting to buy. I know that replica watches can be a little bit lower in quality as the high end brands, but never did I expect to find something so bad.

This is not the first time I’ve purhased knockoffs and usually I bought replica watches from I like to have a few watches around so that I can change them according to my clothes, so I know how the things go: you order, they call or email you and after establishing the payment and shipping method your watch is delivered. However, this time I tried something cheaper and it was a lot longer and a lot worse for me as I had to wait for their email for a very long time. All they had to do was to confirm my order and they didn’t managed to do it in the right amount of time.


I had to send a couple of emails to make sure that they received my order until they eventually sent me the bloody confirmation mail. Another problem was the shipping address and they managed to change that somehow in the order and I ended up chasing for the postman because he was giving my package to my neighbor.

Fortunately, I eventually managed to get the package and I happily opened it when I was again disappointed. Although the watch is nice, it’s definitely not the quality I expected it to be and compared to the original it’s surely a bad replica. Even a person who doesn’t know much about replica watches can certainly see that there is something weird about this watch and this is what upsets me the most. It wasn’t the watch in the picture so I feel deceived.

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