Replicamagic Review

Replicamagic Review

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Finding a good replica watch site from which to make a safe purchase is always going to be a tough job. Whether they lack customer service, they have a poor selection of watches or have poor quality merchandise, it isn’t easy finding a good site that you could safely recommend.

Replicamagic is one of those rare finds that mixes just about every element of a quality site with fantastic services creating an altogether pleasant place to buy a good replica watch from.  The first thing you notice when you access their website is the high quality of the watches on display and the pleasant and very intuitive functions of the website.

The color scheme is relaxing and has a nice sophisticated vibe while the “create an account” or ”log in” functions are very visible and easy to use. After creating an account you can search through the wide variety of watches the site offers. Big brands like Tag Heuer, Vacheron Constantin, Omega and Rolex to name a few are represented on the site with a wide number of collections and themed watches. The quality of the watches is so often connected to the quality of the pictures. A lot of websites don’t put in the extra work of taking clear pictures of their products and wind up uploading pictures from different websites or pictures that don’t match their product. This is not the case with All watches have an abundance of pictures that are well taken and that show their products from a lot of different angles.

The high quality set of pictures is also accompanied with a detailed description that shows the exact technical specifications of the watch a description of the materials used and the dimensions. Another great thing about the site is the user friendly way you can shop, with a list of criteria’s like gender, price, brand, collection, wrist band type and so on to help even the most undecided customer find that perfect watch.

The site also has a great number of policies when buying a watch and also a great warranty system so if you aren’t convinced by the quality of the pictures and the technical specifications of the watch then the warranty is there so that you can return the watch if it isn’t up to your standards.

Another very important aspect of any replica watch online store is its customer service. The internet is filled with complaints on how orders are late, or how the customer service offered by certain websites is slow, useless and hasn’t helped customers with absolutely anything. has great customer service that seems to be friendly and well informed in regards to the shipping time and the merchandise they sell.

Possibly the most important aspect of any replica site is the quality of watches. In most cases watches sold as replicas don’t look at all as the originals and are made of poor materials. The lifespan of these watches is obviously very limited. offers some of the best replicas available that look just like the originals and are made with high quality materials.  It was surprising to find such a great products on top of the other positive aspects regarding this website.

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What are the signs that help you recognize an OK replica website? You got to read between the lines and see the smallest flaws even in the most perfect pictures of your dream watch. Things like product quality and company’s honesty can be verified through the means of guaranty policy, customer service and product photos. Pay attention to all these and you will be able to draw a clear line between the websites that are OK and the ones that aren’t.

PROS: has a very inclusive menu featuring the most well-known brand names like Rolex and Tag Heuer. Browsing the collection will turn out to be pretty difficult as the list of available brands seems to be endless. Each category also includes numerous models which will be a delight to view especially if you know a little thing or two about luxury timepieces. You will find pretty much the most iconic watches ever made.

The descriptions of these watches are very well constructed. In a very brief manner it presents all the important information you need to consider before buying a replica. The type of materials used for manufacturing these products, the markings and engravings, as well as the sizes of each item they sell. This information serves as a first clue about the quality of these knock-offs.

The company offers a 14 days refund policy and a 180 days warranty. Knowing that the merchant will stand behind its products in the event that something will go wrong with your order is very reassuring. I always say that offering a guaranty for the merchandise is what separates the best replica sellers on the market from the rest.


There is nothing ok about the appearance of this website. The layout is too simple, tacky and childish. Honestly, anyone could scrap up this kind of design in a couple of hours and call it a reputable online store. But an online store needs to try harder than that in order to convince people that it’s a solid and reputable company and that when you trust it with your money you will definitely receive what you were promised.

The website claims to accept the following payment methods Visa, Matercard and Western Union. The truth is: Mastercard is not accepted. This payment option is mentioned at every step in the ordering process, including in the order form.  Still, after you choose credit card as payment method and continue to the secure page where you are supposed to enter the card details, you are simply informed that Visa is the only card type accepted. Too bad for those Mastercard holders that already have the card ready and can’t wait to punch in their card number and submit the order. I guess that for them this disappointment could mean the abandon of all their plans of purchasing a replica from the site. If this would happen to me I wouldn’t continue with the order.

You basically have two shipping options:  free shipping and EMS Express. While the first one takes about 2-5 weeks, the second one takes about a week. Honestly, would you prefer to wait for your order for almost 5 weeks just because it’s free? I know I wouldn’t. Five weeks may seem like a life time when you have paid an overseas based company and you are waiting to see if they honor their word and deliver the products. Better to be safe than sorry.


The photos have a very distinctive style and would suggest that these were taken by a professional photographer representing the actual stock of The resolution of the pictures is very impressing and you can notice every small detail of these watches. You will very easily notice every small marking, every shade of the dial or every reflection of the perfectly polished stainless steel. The downside is that some models have only the main photo. There are no additional photos of it.

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Customer Service: offers customer service by email and through a contact form.  These are ones of the communication options with the slowest response rate. Customer support by phone or live chat is not available. This only shows that the company doesn’t invest in communicating with its customers and that offering a prompt response is not considered a priority. The absence of a more effective contact way may be an actual problem if you receive a low quality product.

Summary: I must say that is a pretty OK company. It seems to be quite legit and offer good quality replica watches. Its strong sides are the accurate product photos and the detailed descriptions, as well as the free shipping option. What they should improve is their customer services and the available payment methods, but the overall impression is that of a reliable source of replica watches.

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  • Score is an online based replica merchant that tries to achieve more PROS than an authorized dealer of luxury products. And who knows it? Considering the excellent presales and aftersales services it offers, it may surpass it by far. Sometimes when you total up the right qualities you may turn up to be the best in the replica industry.


I just adore discovering such flawlessly constructed websites such as with its white background, epic diamonds Rolex DateJust main photo, simple menu and balanced informative text. It’s like lust for the eyes. I totally love the positive vibe you get when browsing this website where everything is so clear and easy.

The selection of brands is pretty inclusive and it flashes before your eyes the most iconic models ever made. Buying a couple of them is incredibly tempting no matter how temperate you think you are when it comes to spending money online. There are two main categories: Swiss and Japanese imitation Rolex watches. The choice is yours depending on your budget and the requirements you have for a replica.

The company accepts Visa, AMEX, Western Union and Bank Wire payments. These are ones of the most used and accepted payment methods for online shopping.  Very appealing are the discounts offered for Western Union and Bank Wire. Paying with Western Union gets you 20% off your order and Bank Wire means 10%. One of these payment options has to be right one for you. ships packages worldwide and they promise delivery in 7-8 business days with worldwide know carriers. Of course, a tracking number will be provided and the delivery is guaranteed. This sounds pretty good to me considering that the shipment comes from overseas. If they vouch for the successful receipt of the order then this saves the customer from a great deal of head ache.

Believe it or not, all the products have a warranty. More exactly, the Swiss watches come with a 12 months warranty and the Japanese watches come with a 6 months warranty. Plus, there is a 10 days money back guarantee that allows you to send the items back for a full refund if you are dissatisfied with the order. No matter what your reasons are.

CONS: It is very disappointing to see that under very famous luxury brand names such as Jaeger Lecoultre, Audemars Piguet, Montblanc, Chopard, Patek Philippe or Romain Jerome you find only a couple of models, more specific  less than six. Everything on this website seems so professional that you would expect a larger selection of replicas especially for the more high class designers.

Pictures: The pictures are flawless and a real testimony of the quality available for these top notch replicas. Every high quality photo presented on the site manages to capture the details, the beauty and the craftsmanship of these products. Judging by the photographer’s style, by the light and by the resolution I would have to say that these photos are of the actual stock.

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Customer service: offers customer service by email and phone. Obviously I dialed the phone number listed on the website and I had a very delightful conversation with one of the operators. I was very surprised by his professionalism and by his patience. All my questions were answered in the most polite and unbiased manner. The email support is as impressive as the one I got by phone. In less than 24 hours I received a reply that proved one more time that for them serving the customer with professionalism is a priority.

Summary: is a website totally dedicated to offering an exclusive collection of luxury replica timepieces as well as exceptional services.  Its high end imitation watches, perfectly constructed shopping interface and professional customer service are the key ingredients of turning this online store into the number one choice for countless e-shoppers.

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  • Score sure chose a good name for their website as all the watches there look pretty cheap. If you were going to buy something, you should first read the following text and then decide whether that would be a good decision.

The website is absolutely terrible and there’s no point in discussing that here, you will see for yourself trying to find something through bad graphics. The first red flag we see is the fact that they have only 5-star reviews; that’s a bit weird. Also, the pictures are not of high quality either so you won’t be able to see whether the watch meets your needs in the pixelated image, or your taste, if you decide to buy one. Unfortunately, if you do choose to buy something from this website you will notice that it has some expensive watches too, and judging by how much we can see regarding their quality, they are definitely not worth it.

Another problem with the website is the fact that it only accepts credit cards for purchases which can make it difficult for those who just want to give their information online, especially to a website like this one. So if you have a Paypal account for your purchases, you will find it useless as the website doesn’t accept that at all. Also, it may not accept all credit cards so you might end up empty handed, which is not a bad thing if we think about it.

One of the things that might interest you and surprise in a bad way is the fact that there are only 7 days for you to return the product if you don’t find it satisfying, which may be too little time to see whether it is good or bad replica. Also, it won’t ship in all countries of Europe, so if you don’t live in those listed on their website, you won’t be able to buy your watch from there.

Overall, this website is definitely unsatisfying, from the fact that you are unable to see the watches because of the pictures quality to the fact that it doesn’t ship in all countries.

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There are good websites for selling watches and then there are bad websites. This, however, is neither. This replica watch website is absolutely disastrous. It is hard to put into words just how bad this site is but let’s give it a try.

The color scheme to start is just appalling; it looks like they are trying to sell olive oil through a website designed in 1993. The About Us tab is poorly written and has a vast array of grammatical errors that make it more humorous than informative to read. Who would imagine that starting a sentence with capital letters is still something people don’t know? When grammatical errors aren’t the main problem, it’s the way the sentences are constructed, just a random list of words that aren’t tied one to the other and seem to say something to the effect of how fantastic their service is and how their watches are breathtakingly good. Of course they are.

The watch listing is also bad. The pictures are stolen from other replica watch websites so you don’t really know what you’re buying. That’s in case the watch actually has a picture, for example the whole Patek Philippe list has the same picture. It has the same picture for about 30 watches.

The list of watches is just insane. There seems to be a category for every watch, regardless if it is from the same brand. They have no description so you don’t know what size, material, and colors they are.

The whole website is a disaster, but the FAQ section is probably the worst part. The whole idea behind a FAQ section is ease the way a someone, a potential client maybe, checks out your site, and answer some of his immediate questions without him needing to send you an email or anything of the sort. No, not with this website; they just have a huge block of text that answers no real questions, and offers no guidance.

They also have a sign-up feature to apparently ease ordering, however we wouldn’t trust our personal data with a website like this.

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