Cartier Santos 100 Chronograph

Cartier Santos 100 Chronograph

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If you are looking for a classic watch, Cartier Santos 100 is definitely the best you can buy. What’s great about this watch is the fact that it doesn’t feature a crazy design that may be hard to combine with outfits, but instead has a really elegant and quite a retro touch to it. The watch is also very popular for its timeless feel but also the fact that it features a square face rather than a rounded classic model. Also, it comes with a beautiful comfortable strap that only adds to the retro look and makes this watch a perfect fit for an older man or someone who is a bit more sophisticated.

Autentic Cartier Santos 100 Working Chronograph

The watch has been put side by side with the original brand so that we can see what to expect when buying a replica and how much it resembles the original. The first noticeable difference is the finish on the metal parts that can be found under the bezel; they seem to be a different shade and a lot smoother on the original watch. The replica watch features a rather rougher design that has a lighter color and doesn’t have the carbon look the original watch has.

Cartier Santos 100 replica

The next difference can be seen if we look at the whole design on the face of the watch; we will notice that the replica watch features elements that are smaller and less crowded, so the design around the hour markings can be clearly seen. This doesn’t happen with the original watch where it seems that the chronographs are actually covering the edges. Actually, some people might prefer the replica watch in this case, while other might find the original watch to have a more interesting look. The chronographs have visible differences when compared with the ones on the original watch. The first chronograph, the one on the left shows the numbers correctly on both watches, but the lower chronograph and the one on the right don’t. The chronograph on the bottom has the following numbers on the original brand: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 while the one on the original watch has other numbers. The same goes for the chronograph that can be seen on the left.

Speaking of chronographs it seems that the design on the replica watch makes them stand out more as they have a darker edge, while the ones on the original watch have a softer edge.

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