Cartier Roadster Automatic

Cartier Roadster Automatic

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This beautiful Cartier Roadster Automatic is one of the most affordable high end watches you can get. However, the word “affordable” is quite hard to use in this context considering that this watch starts from approximately $4000, so not many people would actually afford it. The best thing about this watch is the fact that it is a simple, everyday watch that can be worn with almost anything. So a person who just wants to buy a single watch would find this to be a great deal. Also, the design is made with great taste and considering that it is one of the more affordable watches it is comparable with other watches from the Cartier series. But since we’re talking about high-end watches we can easily understand why the watch is often so copied by manufacturers but also by those who create replica watches.

Genuine Cartier Roadster Automatic

There are some differences between the original brand and the replica watch and they can easily be noticed when comparing them side to side. There are four differences that might show that the watch you are wearing is a replica. The first difference we can see at first glance is on the date mark as it seems to be designed a bit rougher on the replica watch than on the original brand. The design on the original watch is big and quite stylized, but the replica watch has a date that is smaller and less noticeable at first glance. Also, even if both dates are monochrome, the replica comes with black numbers on a white background while the original watch comes with bigger white numbers on a black background.

Cartier Roadster Automatic Imitation

The next difference we see is on the hour and minute markings, and again they are more stylized on the original watch and bulky on the replica watch. Also, they are colored completely in silver or made out of stainless steel on the original Cartier while the replica features some minute and hour hands that are half silver and half black right in the middle, where they all connect. Another thing that you will notice about this watch is the fact that it comes with slimmer numbers for hours while the original Cartier has bulky numbers this time. Also it seems that the replica has a different shape overall. It seems to be thinner and less bulky than the original brand making the overall design look smaller.

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