Cartier Pasha Black Chronograph

Cartier Pasha Black Chronograph

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The Cartier Pasha Black Chronograph is a watch that expresses great beauty and elegance, but also a high social status and power. Every man’s dream is to have those traits so this watch simply embodies everybody’s wishes. One of the most recognizable watches, the Pasha Cartier watch is a lovely combination between sport and elegant, making it a great pick for someone who want to be faithful to just one piece of accessory throughout the day and for many years to come. It is safe to say that Cartier Pasha is truly a luxury watch, a watch that will not only remind other of the social status but also of the great taste that characterizes the owner.

Black Dial Cartier Imitation

A watch that goes well with any outfit and it’s also easily recognizable due to its high end status will often be replicated for those who don’t have the means to buy the original. Unfortunately, some of the replicas can be pretty bad so it’s up to us to decide whether the differences between watches make them worth buying. Here we have two of these lovely watches, one replica and one that is the original model, standing side by side. As you can see, the replica here is a true work of art, with only a few noticeable differences. The first difference we see between these watches can be found on the hour markings for 9 and 3 o’clock. These markings don’t feature the same design as the ones on the original watch, making them quite hidden from the watch dial. However, this is such a small difference; it’s very hard to notice.

Pasha Replica Watch Review

Another difference is on the 6 o’clock where the design is a bit different, making the Cartier replica watch have all the elements less “crowded” and smaller than the original watch. The last and third difference between these two watches can be found on the crown; it seems that the crown on the replica watch is a bit more stylized and pointier, actually looking more like an arrow. The jewel on the replica watch crown is smooth and less pointy but both of them share the same color and the same design overall, making this difference very hard to spot.  Overall, this is a well-made replica and with just a few minor differences it could be a great buy for someone who is a fan of Cartier Sasha but can’t afford the original.

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