Breitling Bentley Barnato Racing

Breitling Bentley Barnato Racing

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The Breitling Barnato Racing is a watch that is famous for its elegance combined with great functionality and amazing design. Once you wear this beautiful watch on your wrist everything changes as it sets the tone for an incredible look. You will simply love the fact that you can wear it with more smart casual attire or even with elegant outfits. So it’s a perfect watch to take with you on a date or perhaps a meeting or both. No matter what your intentions are, the beautiful Breitling Barnato Racing celebrates one of Bentley’s greatest drivers from the 1920s, Woolf Barnato. So you don’t just have a watch, you have a piece of history on your hand. But not everybody can afford a Breitling Barnato Racing anyone who wants to wear one on an average wage will have to settle for a replica. Here we have put two watches up for comparison, one a replica and the other an original watch.

Authentic A259G32FL Bentley Barnato Racing

The main difference between these two watches is the fact that the replica has colors that might seem a little less bright. However, the hour markings seem to have been created differently on the replica watch as they have a white color unlike the ones on the original watch that have a darker color. The chronographs are also changed on the replica watch as the number marks have been set differently. For example, the original watch has numbers 20,40 and 60 on the right sub dial, numbers 20,40 and 60 on the lower sub dial and numbers 5,10 and 15 on the left sub dial. But the replica watch has them placed differently as follows: the right dial has numbers 8, 16 and 24, the lower dial has numbers 2, 6 and 4 and the left sub dial has numbers 6, 20, 40.

Fake  A259G32FL Bentley Barnato Racing done

There’s also a different date on the replica watch as it seems that the color of the font is red on the original watch but black on the replica watch. Another thing that might set these two watches apart is the marking for the start of each chronometer.  On the original watch the marking is a triangle with a white design but on the replica watch the triangle only has a simple red color. Also on the replica watch the triangle doesn’t hide the 15’ marking as it does on the original watch. The bezel is also different on the replica watch as the design seems to have a different pattern.

If you want a replica watch this watch can be a decent buy but it’s not as accurate as one would expect a replica to be and a trained eye might tell apart this from an original Breitling Barnato Racing with white dial.

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