Breitling Bentley 6.75 Speed

Breitling Bentley 6.75 Speed

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Inspired by one of the most desired cars in the world, the beautiful Bentley 6.75 stands out through its amazing design and the beautiful craftsmanship that has been put into it by the world’s leading specialists in watches. Breitling wanted to create something that would fusion the world of luxury cars with the world of luxury watches and this is how this beautiful masterpiece was born. This fake Breitling watch combines a very stylish and chic design with a great Swiss mechanism. So you will get performance and elegance or as their advert puts it: luxury and accomplishment. This high class design will make a perfect gift for a man who already has everything; this watch seems to have been made to complement a man’s elegant style and refined taste. If you have someone around you who fits the description getting this watch for them could be an amazing surprise as it really is spectacular in every possible aspect.

Authentic A444G79SP Bentley 6.75 Speed

Created with the upper class in mind, this beautiful watch doesn’t come cheap. So, most of us wouldn’t even dream of wearing such a beautiful timepiece. Here we have two of the most important brands in the world who have combined their efforts to create an astonishing piece so you get double the luxury. But if you have the funds for such a watch, this rugged but elegant design will complement your attire perfectly.

Fake A444G79SP Bentley 6.75 Speed done

The rest of us, we will just have to settle for a replica watch as there are a few available already for this particular model. Unfortunately, even after all these years of manufacturing some of the replica watch companies come up with the same designs. Here we have a decent Breitling replica watch that looks pretty good and actually manages to have all the elements that would set it aside as a replica. However, the color tones of this design have been changed a bit.

The main thing that we notice is the fact that the colors have been off, as the replica doesn’t have the same smudged colors and neutral tones that we can find in the original model. The hour markings and the inner ring is black on the replica watch although the original watch has a light grey shade for those elements. Also, the crown on the replica watch doesn’t respect the same design as the one on the original timepiece and that might also be an element that puts off many people.

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