Bentley Super Sports Limited Edition

Bentley Super Sports Limited Edition

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Breitling as well as Bentley, is a brand that took its craft to a new level of excellence combining passion and expertise into the very best products that can be found on the market. It would only make sense that the two brands come together and create something absolutely amazing.

The Breitling for Bentley super sports Limited Edition is one of those watches that transcends the boundaries of its field and becomes a totally unique and priceless item. It is a tribute to the Bentley Continental Supersports, the fastest and most impressive car ever released by Bentley. The watch through its amazing design perfectly symbolizes the car’s amazing technological feats, its classic style and its amazing speed and performance.

Authentic A266B22SP Bentley Super Sports Limited Edition

This amazing watch does, however, come at quite a steep price, one that few people in the world could afford. If you simply must have this amazing time piece replica pieces are a great alternative, one that can save you quite a lot of money while producing the same result.

While replicas where considered poorly made in the past, today’s models are quite decent and with some rare exceptions can offer a high quality imitation watch that is basically uindistinguishable from the original.

Fake A266B22SP Bentley Super Sports Limited Edition done

Here we have two watches, the original Breitling for Bentley Super Sports Limited edition and a replica. While both watches look similar there are some differences:

To begin with, the sub-dials have different markings. While the original sub-dial located at three o’clock has the 20, 40 and 60 markings, the replica has 12, 4 and 8. It’s the same thing with the sub-dial located at nine o’clock. The original has every even number between 4 and 12, the replica has numbers 1 through 7. The hands on the sub-dials are also reversed in the replica.

A striking difference is the design of the seconds hand. While the original has a small red arrow at the end, the replica arrow is larger and has a white interior. Another difference can be found on the date function. The replica has black markings while the date function on the original Breitling comes with red date markings.

The bezel of the watch is also quite different in the two watches. The replica bezel is made of smooth stainless steel while the bezel on the original watch comes with a textured molding that replicates the marks on a race tire, more specifically like the ones used on the Bentley Continental.

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